Manan Gaur

Hi, I am Manan Gaur and this is my simple website. Professionally, I am a DevOps Engineer. I have experience with building deployment pipelines and working with cloud architecture. I am not passionate for the technology, instead I am dedicated towards my job. I respect the tasks which brings food to my plate. Overtime I found more interesting things to invest my time in and now those things bring me passion and pleasure.

I like to eat (Vegetarian). No intoxicants or stimulants, that means neither Alcohol nor Coffee. I like to walk across streets. I like to swim and I like to have short bike rides through countryside and isolated natural places. Both mountain and beaches, Coke and Pepsi, Linux and Windows, and so on. I do not like to have opinions on trivial things. I do not like to keep things pending. Do work of a month in three days and sit back and relax. I have strong opinions of things I know but I rarely express those and I have least interest in mundane things. I abhor complicating things.